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“From fear to illumination, from doubt to knowing…” –Judy Hawkins Santa Barbara, CA

My life coaching provides wisdom and guidance to help you achieve new energy to focus you. I assist you and anchor you in clarifying your dreams. In the process, all fear and obstacles are removed and your perception is transformed. I provide clear communication, homework, and motivational books to stimulate new thoughts and behaviors, allowing your powerful, creative energy to emerge.

As a life coach I create transformational breakthroughs by connecting you with the truth of who you really are. I use the gift of deep knowing and intuition to assist you in achieving clear focus and awareness about yourself. I help you focus your attention, and increase your understanding of yourself and the world around you. Through our work together, you will reconnect to the deepest, most creative and inspired part of yourself, fully owning your power and your connection to spirit.

Intuitive Life Coaching emphasizes:

  • surrender to love

  • embracing relationships,

  • experiencing accomplishments

  • giving freely and unconditionally,

  • communicating fully, feeling lighter

  • expressing joy,

  • powerful, positive thinking, and success

  • living fully, deeply connects you to your intuition.

My intention as your Intuitive Life Coach is to:

  • empower you in living in your truth,

  • connect you to who you are,

  • assist you in owning your power,

  • help you to expand into the next phase of your life,

  • supporting in creating the results you want,

  • assist you in recognizing and embracing your strength,

  • reflect back to you, your light and your greatness and YOUR gifts.

My work as a life coach is about:

transition and changes, surrendering to what your heart says, moving forward, owning your gifts, living in joy and truth, and living fun!


Life Coach, Lorrie Caplan