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To meet Lorrie Caplan is to come face to face with your own magnificence with unprecedented intuition and light, she recognizes, reveals and magnifies the glory of who you are. She listens with passion, compassion and unabashedly speaks from her heart to enrich and uplift.With the gift of intuition, sharply integrated in trust, Lorrie Caplan is able to share with intimacy just the things people think about and aren’t sure about--

What clients are saying about Intuitive Empowerment Sessions with Lorrie Caplan's life coaching..

"She has inspired countless people to live a life they did not think possible and to achieve the goals they thought unreachable."
MN-San Francisco, CA

"In a compassionate yet truthful approach, Lorrie Caplan enables you to take control of your own life. She challenges you to look within yourself- helping you strip away self doubts and empowering you to realize your own brilliance. She is an awesome life coach!"
Adam Reek, San Francisco

"Lorrie Caplan has guided me from mystery to clarity, from fear to enlightenment, from doubt to knowing. I love your commitment and connection to me and to your work. I met Lorrie last September and got hooked immediately on her enthusiasm and passion for facilitating personal change. If you are at any kind of crossroads in your life, dealing with challenging situations or deciding on opportunities, or just want to experience an empowering life coaching session, please consider signing up for an appointment with Lorrie."
Judy Hawkins, Santa Barbara

"Meeting you fueled the sparks within in my soul that I know at some point ("when" is the question) will manifest into the best firework show ever. The challenge is fortifying my will, believing in myself and in the possibilities that I can get what I want, loving myself, seeing my beauty, trusting and having faith. As you can imagine the aforementioned is very hard but at least I am present to them. I am blessed to have met you. Just from meeting you, I've been deeply touched, loved and affected in a positive way that motivates me not to give up."
Alicia Pendergrast, NYC

"It was so wonderful to hear your voice. It certainly reverbates the strings of my heart in the purest most trusting way. In the instant of your "hello," I was back in the loving space of your dear friend's home, sharing my soul with your sweet presence, guided by your angelic gifts. Knowing that I can return there in my mind and heart, whenever I need to, is so comforting. And knowing that you are a phone call away, is more than grounding... it's priceless. Your check-in call could not have come at a better time. Only hours later, the situation with Corey grew darker and fear and despair loomed ominously over me. Greatfully, I was still walking in peace, anchored by your loving support and encouragement. Your gentle reminder that miracles are in the midst of happening kept me from sinking into the depths of pain and sadness. Your wisdom and guidance are a gift of hope from the heavens. May the universe reflect that love back to you a thousand times so that you and the love of your life dance joyfully in the brilliance of that illumination and its rainbow of beauty."
Dawn Thompson, Los Angeles, CA

"She held a mirror to my soul and dared me to own my magnificence."
HM-Snowmass, CO

"Her fingerprints are firmly on the clay that has shaped my life! Lorrie's sessions helped me inhabit spaces I did not know existed."
RH-Boulder, CO

“When you live in your heart, and speak from your truth, you are able to achieve humbled greatness on a moment to moment basis.”
-Lorrie Caplan, life coach